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Make the smart choice when it comes to your next relocation and get the information you need from the team at Peterborough County Moving Co. today. We will ask you the important questions about your home, the items you are moving, and any storage needs you might have. You get accurate and affordable moving company prices in Peterborough, ON, and that makes relocating that much easier.

Once we determine the size of the truck, the amount of storage, and any packing services that are needed, we provide you with one price that covers it all. There are no surprises, and that can take a load off of your mind when you have a big move on the horizon.

The Resources You Need

Put the right packing materials in the hands of our experienced movers, and watch as they secure all of your most valuable possessions for the journey ahead. We have you covered during every aspect of your move.

The Value of Packing Services

Our movers pack your belongings with care to ensure they stay in one piece. While you may be leaving one house, the new residence may not be completed, so take advantage of our heated and unheated short term storage options (storage contents must be covered by your insurance if you decide not to purchase coverage from our group).

We offer a fleet of 16’, 20’, and 26’ moving trucks that come with two movers to help. When the job requires it, we’ll provide you with three to six movers. Get the pricing on everything you need without a charge and never settle for just any moving company.

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